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Transforming business and people through the power of

advanced communication and public speaking training...

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Would you like to become a more confident and memorable communicator?

Wish you could see communicating with others as a valuable and enjoyable experience instead of a daunting task?
There’s no doubt that great communication skills can influence minds and change lives. Because when you build a rapport with other people, you build personal and business success more effortlessly.
That’s what Finding Excellence is all about. 

Transform the way you communicate

Connecting with new potential clients. Converting a contact into an investor.

Convincing your manager to follow the best course of action.


None of these things are achieved without effective communication skills! Having the ability to share your message with impact can be a game-changer. I know because I’ve lived that truth. My approach is built on personal experience of the power of public speaking and proven techniques used by leaders and influencers.

Public Speaking Coach Jose Ucar

Public speaking coach

Here’s a secret…

Are you one of the many people who have a fear of public speaking? Do you doubt you could ever be a confident presenter? Here’s a secret: most great public speakers are made and not born! They apply certain skills and techniques for maximum impact – and so can you. Finding Excellence will help you to...

Grow your business through the Power of Public Speaking and Effective Communication. 

Improve the way in which you present yourself and your business.

Learn to craft and present compelling and memorable stories, that create rapport and trust when communicating with potential customers. 

Build your self-confidence when speaking in public.

Master how to create an Elevator Pitch that works.

Learn how to interact with and motivate and influence your audience (customers or prospects) and much more...

Tried Communication training
in the past and been disappointed? 

Finding Excellence is different! That’s because everything I do is based on proven techniques and research. And it’s all focused on helping you achieve the results you want. That means you learn approaches you can use immediately in the workplace or at your pitch meeting, from applying the power of passion for greater impact to aligning your speech content with the values of your audience.

Remember: most great communicators are made and not born. If you’ve ever doubted your ability to present and communicate with impact, why not join one of my sessions and learn more?



Communicating effectively can change lives. I know because it changed mine.

Thinking big and harnessing passion is something I speak about because I live it. I have a global perspective on the advantages of being a confident public speaker.


It all started when I was very young. I was always happy to take centre-stage in front of a camera or an audience – preferably both! That also included a love of doing presentations in class or representing the school at reading and writing competitions.


Then I began presenting in other languages during my teenage years as an exchange student in Sweden, where I would travel the country presenting and speaking about my own country, Venezuela. After that, I studied international business and marketing and continued presenting in front of a wide variety of audiences. 

I discovered that the connections I was making with people were much more powerful than just doing conventional business presentations. 

People actually remembered what I had been speaking about and this started having a positive impact on the business I represented. I saw the connection between speaking and seeing how people wanted to work with us and buy from us. 


Hi, I'm Jose. The founder of Finding Excellence.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site. Let's connect on social media. I'd love to find out more about what you do.

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“Learn to communicate with yourself first, then with others, and finally broadcast your message to the world".

My goal is to give you the confidence to present the best version of yourself, to help you transform communicating with others and speaking in public from something you dread into a source of connections, inspiration and business. To give you the skills and techniques to adapt your presenting style and speech content for maximum impact in any setting. That’s reflected in my own personal speaking style which is informed by sharing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching and professional public speaking insight I gained from some of the best trainers in the UK and delivered in my own uniquely informal and entertaining way. Or so I’ve been told! 

Public Speaking Coach

Speaking at TEDx

Connecting is about going beyond the superficial and allowing yourself to be present in your honesty and vulnerability. Jose Ucar talks about changing your perception of any interaction with another person by walking a mile or two in their shoes and also learning how to learn from other people’s excellence.


HOW can i help?

Ready to turn communication and public speaking into a business advantage? Or do you simply want to know how to turn insight into your audience into greater impact for your company? Whatever you want to achieve through public speaking and effective communication, let’s work together to help you get there - and have some fun at the same time!
Public Speaking Coach

One-to-one Finding Excellence coaching sessions are ideal for helping you:

  • Prepare for an upcoming presentation

  • Craft a compelling and memorable pitch or sales pitch

  • Learn to manage stress, fear, anxiety and other negative feelings that limit you as a speaker

  • Create a highly engaging PowerPoint presentation

  • Create your mini stories (vignettes) that can then be used at any presentation

  • Apply powerful body language.

Jose Ucar testimonials

Andy Nicholls

Managing Director at LMg Solutions Ltd

Thank you for the excellent Public Speaking training Jose. I would strongly recommend this to others.

Jose Ucar testimonials

Ella Stearn

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Jose has helped me to develop my skills & confidence as a speaker. I’m really seeing the impact from his training and I'm now able to deliver far better talks & sales pitches. His training is invaluable, giving you the boost you need - couldn't recommend more!

Jose Ucar testimonials

Jason Hutt

Managing Director at Wogaard

Jose’s remarkable communication skills and extensive Public Speaking knowledge make his training sessions a great experience. Thank you Jose!

Jose Ucar testimonials

Della Reynolds

Performance Poet

I attended a speaking with confidence class with Jose as I wanted to improve my stand-up delivery. He gave me some very valuable input regarding posture, hand movements and tone of voice which I will incorporate into my performances. He has a fun way of teaching with ice-breaker games to ease the initial tension and encourages everyone to have a go and take centre stage. I would definitely sign up for more courses with Jose and found him very attentive to my needs. 

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