Business Excellence

It's all about Teams of Excellence

Understanding the business's current situation begins by focusing on the team in charge of running it. This is where business excellence starts and where it can continue in the long term. 

Creating and developing a Team of Excellence capable of making any organisation remarkable is the whole purpose of this program, comprised of 5 stages that are delivered through workshops and coaching follow up sessions.  

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More on the PRIME 5 stage process below.  





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Peripheral scanning

On this context,  the Peripheral term means taking the broadest possible view of the organisation with extreme curiosity, almost as if you weren’t part of it. The goal is to detect and notice things about the business or organisation that you wouldn’t otherwise. This will allow the team in charge to acknowledge the current business reality and what needs to happen next to turn the organisation into a Remarkable one.  




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This stage focuses primarily on the current team in charge of the business or organisation. Where are you now as a team and what you need to become the Team of Excellence that will make your business a Remarkable one? 

Here, your team will test its boundaries and limitations when it comes to communicating effectively, providing and receiving feedback that instigates positive change, building and holding rapport, learning from conflict, and will even go away with some negotiation tips.  






Being one step closer to becoming Remarkable, it is time to look at what makes your business or organisation unique. Why do you exist will need answering, as well as, What's special about your value proposition? 

Lastly, How can you communicate all of the above in an engaging and compelling manner? 

Remember that is not what you say but how you say it. 




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What if we turned the word marketing upside down? The "M" would become a "W", first letter for wonder and ways, because this stage is about wondering how to approach the market differently,  looking for new and sometimes unconventional ways. 

And what if we spelled it backwards? The word that comes from this is Gnitekram, yes, an actual word with quite an interesting meaning. Look it up. 

It's time to unleash the power of curiosity, to be unconventional and think outside what's already been established. 




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I will not allow you to go through the above stages if you are not going to implement them, not on my watch. With my Coaching follow up I will support you throughout the process, bringing structure, a game plan, new ideas and total accountability to demand you take action. Get ready to be challenged and to learn from it applying the tools from previous stages.


Let's do this together.