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7 Communication Hacks for the Digital Age

Updated: 5 days ago

As we all know, things have changed and we are all facing this so-called "new normal", well, I thought I would shed a light on how to improve your communication to better navigate the current circumstances.

1. Start at the end

Fast-forward and put yourself in the audience's or the other person's shoes and answer what it is that you would like her/him/them to take away after interacting with you. Remember that you are there for them, not the other way around. And always bear in mind that Less is More, people disconnect when there is too much info.

2. Embrace technology

Learn the new stuff, test it and find new ways to make it as interactive as possible. Get comfortable with videos and play around with different shots, angles, music and so on.

Regardless of the Tech you use, always make sure to take people on a journey with you from beginning to end.

3. The first 4-7 seconds

This is your opportunity to create an initial positive connection. How you use your words, voice and gestures is going to either position yourself as an authority, an expert in your field, an interesting and engaging person in the minds of your audience or the complete opposite. Make sure there is more than your face showing.

4. Gotta smile

Throughout the communication process, you are conveying emotions, this is why it's so important to smile because it will enable you to bring alignment to your body, tone and message, making it compelling, pleasant and inviting for your audience. The unconscious mind loves a smile even through a camera.

5. Be present

Give others the gift of your presence by really listening, asking questions, taking interest in their interest, engaging with empathy, accessing affinity, affirming what's good and connecting with core desires. Is there a better way to merit and maintain trust?

6. Inspire change

Share your journey and build online excitement. Reveal yourself, show who you really are to allow people to access touchpoints of commonality. Speak about the bigger purpose of your life/business and what you strive to be. Give your audience a tiny spark for them to light a big fire.

7. Leave them a bit better

How different the world would be if this was the overarching intended outcome for all of our human interactions. Think about the compound effect of everyone leaving everyone else a little better after having a conversation over the phone, laptop, social media...

Always remember that 80% of your success will be determined by your communication skills.

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