• Jose Luis Ucar

Create a Powerful First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Andrew Grant

The percentages shown on the pie chart below constitute what's known as the Communication Theory, developed by Ray Birdwhistell in the 1970's. The overall message of this study is that 93% of our communication is beyond words (nonverbal).

If we apply our growing sense of curiosity to the below, we could wonder whether TED Speakers, for instance, would be able to deliver their message using only 7% of words?

Maybe they do during the first seconds or initial minutes of their talks?

I always like to question theories and adapt them accordingly to what I'm trying to accomplish. 

In my opinion, the takeaway here is that we are always communicating and our powerful unconscious minds are absorbing loads of information that is mainly conveyed through

our gestures and tonality. I usually like to speak about the 4-7 second rule, which is the time it takes to create a first impression at an unconscious level. And to do this effectively, you can follow these three infallible steps:

  • Be passionate (enthusiastic)

  • Be on the ball (sharp)

  • Act and sound like an authority

Do them at the beginning of your presentation or conversation and pay attention to the positive results. Ideally, I would encourage you to do them throughout the whole process followed by some good content, because at some point, content is also, king.

Remember that it's not just what you say, but how you say it.

Jose Ucar

Communication and Public Speaking Coach

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