• Jose Luis Ucar

Four Actions To Immediately Drive Change

Right, this is very exciting. I’m going to share with you the FOUR things you can do to create change in your life RIGHT NOW! Are you ready? Alright then, let’s jump straight in...

1. Eliminate

What is the one thing that you could get rid of? The one thing that is not serving you in your life? Maybe to quit smoking? To stop procrastinating a particular task or business idea? Identify on one thing first and then commit to removing it.

2. Reduce

What could you do with less of? Maybe to eat less sugar? Spend less time scrolling through social media? Think about it. And make sure that every change you’re making ties in to your overall goals of where you really want to be and how you want to live.

3. Raise

What could you do with more of? Start going to the gym more often? Spending more time with your family on the weekend? Because for all the business owners reading this right now- time off is important! You’re not neglecting your business by not working on it 24-7. Switching off will help you to regain focus when you start again and family is always more important.

4. Create

What would you love to create? What’s that one new thing that you could be doing right now that you’ve never attempted before?

Once you’ve done those four things: eliminated, reduced, raised and created, I would like you to visualise your life and tell me- how is it different NOW? Remember: the change is in your hands!

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