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Public Speaking is a Powerful Skill

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This is a letter I recently sent to my students.

How are you enjoying this training course?

In case I haven’t shared this with you yet, I created this training because I personally consider public speaking one of the most valuable skills one could ever possess. Think about it for a moment, great leaders and influential people have mastered these skills and look at what they have accomplished. You now have access to my personal repertoire, which have enabled me to travel the world, represent various businesses and run my own, do a TEDx and much more. Public Speaking has given me the confidence to face anything in life. If I can stand in front of 1 or 1 thousand people and be myself, that means “freedom” and that is exactly what I want for you.

As you work your way through this course, think about how you can begin to apply the new learning, because practice is what will turn you into a master of this amazing craft. If you asked me what to do, I would invite you to apply to do a TEDx. Go expose yourself and share your excellence with the world. Say yes to every presentation opportunity at work, university and in your community.

Nowadays you can also speak online, so, look for opportunities do so. Reach out to your network and tell them that you have this amazing presentation/speech that you would like to deliver. Prepare something amazing and present it to your boss or at the next board meeting. Blow people’s minds away with your passion and incredible stories.

More than ever, the world needs inspiration and we as speakers have the responsibility to motivate, inspire, support, and positively influence others.

Go and share, be great and help others in the process.

I’m here for you if you need me and, in the meantime, fly high and enjoy the journey of becoming an amazing public speaker.

All the best,


I hope you've enjoyed it and if you aren't already, I hope it inspires you to start speaking in public because the excellence you carry within should be heard and seen by others.

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