• Jose Luis Ucar

How To Remove Anxiety In Less Than 5 Minutes

This post is a transcript of Jose Ucar's video. You can watch it directly on Youtube here.

Tonight, I would like to share something that happened to me today. I went for a coffee with a very good friend of mine and we were just having a normal conversation when I started noticing certain patterns in his language and he was more negative than usual. I sensed certain emotions that weren’t quite right, because I know him well.

So I asked him, “Are you okay?”

And he said, “You know what? I’m feeling anxious…”

When I asked him what he was anxious about, he said he had a presentation coming up next week. So I asked him,

“What kind of anxiety, is that anxiety?”

He said, “I’m actually a bit scared. I’m not sure I can do it, and I wouldn’t like to fail…”

So I asked him, “What wouldn’t happen if you failed?”

That stopped him in his tracks. He thought about it and said, “Well I don’t know. It wouldn’t be the end of the world i guess…"

As I probed him to delve further he said, "I guess I wouldn’t get fired... But I guess I also wouldn’t get rewarded for failing!"

Interesting I said to him… He kept looking at me as if to say, well what’s your point? I then asked him to put himself five minutes after he'd done the presentation. Picture it, as if you're really there... Do you feel differently now?

"Well actually" he said, "much more relaxed."

If you think about it, how long did that take? Maybe 2-3 minutes. You simply have to take a moment to ask yourself- what do you feel anxious about? Really pinpoint it. Find your fear and then address what would happen if what you're anxious about actually happened. Often you build up this picture in your head that is not even true. So by answering this and picturing the thing you’re anxious about then going well- it gives you new resources that enable you to feel more relaxed.

It’s the unusual questions that we ask ourselves, that enable us to uncover hidden resources that we’re not even aware about. It’s distracting the conscious mind, to allow your conscious mind to work in your favour.

How wonderful is that? And with just a few questions you can get there and change the way you feel in a moment. It’s about mindset and finding those tools that will help yourself and help others.

So I really hope you enjoyed my story, which was in a way, revealing, especially for my friend. Because he looked at me afterwards like 'wow, that was amazing.' And I was pleased that after having that simple conversation, I managed to help him. He moved from feeling anxious, to far more relaxed. And you can do the same too.

Before I go, I would like to let you know, that if you wish, you can click here to download my 3 Step Blueprint to Remove Limiting Beliefs. Download it here and let me know how it goes. So often, we are held back by the way we think. This looks to tackle exactly that, breaking it down clearly and simply.

Keep in touch, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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