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What’s the big secret to being great at public speaking

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I want to start with something that will probably make you feel a little uncomfortable…

Picture yourself about to go and speak on stage. You’ve just been given the chance to tell some influential people about your amazing business idea. Great, right? But wait! You’ve got to get up and talk in front of a crowd of people?

You’re standing there, waiting for your turn to speak.

Your heart is racing. Perhaps your hands are starting to get a little damp. You’re really feeling that adrenalin pumping… Sound familiar? If so, it’s probably because you have Glossophobia!

Glossophobia? Sounds serious! Do I need to see the doctor?

Glossophobia is a scary-sounding name for something that affects many of us. But don’t panic: you can do something about it without having to go to the doctor. Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking.

Research suggests that no less than 75% of all people feel some amount of anxiety about public speaking, whether that’s giving presentations, making a speech or just having to share a quick update in your weekly team meeting! Other research has shown that Americans fear public speaking more than they fear the grim reaper!

Getting butterflies?

So, if you’re affected by glossophobia, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of people out there will feel some level of anxiety at the idea of having to get up in front of people and talk! But here’s some good news: there are ways to not only feel comfortable giving a talk, but also to make sure that you have the impact you want! Public speaking is an incredibly powerful way to uniquely promote your business. But how do you achieve that kind of success?

Pssst! Here’s a secret…

You know those confident speakers you see giving TED talks on YouTube? Most of them weren’t born able to give amazing presentations! Really. They probably weren’t head of the school debating team at the age of ten (well, apart from one or two). But what they did do was to learn specific tricks and techniques to help them grow into good speakers. And, here’s another secret: you can too!

Most good speakers are made, not born

That’s right. Being a good, confident public speaker is not an innate talent for most people. All you need to do is to know the right techniques and apply them.

There are three key secrets to giving a successful presentation or talk. Just three.

These are the tricks that will help transform your talk into something special. Not only that, but they will also significantly reduce the fear which can turn a potentially valuable business opportunity into a very uncomfortable experience.

So, how do confident public speakers do it?

We’ve all watched those speakers, live or on video, and wondered how they do it… What’s their secret? Why do investors give money to some start-ups and not to others? How do great speakers apply the power of emotion to win over their audience?

That’s not all. How do great public speakers use body language to draw in their audience?

And what are the best ways to harness our human love of stories to turn an OK talk into a memorable one?

Whatever question or worry you have about public speaking, you can relax.

Because there are specific answers and approaches to turn you into a confident and memorable public speaker.

Let’s go back…

Let’s go back to where we started.

You’ve just been given an incredible opportunity to tell some influential people about your business idea.

But now you feel calm and relaxed, with just a little hint of adrenalin to give you the energy boost you need when you’re speaking. Glossophobia is a thing of the past!

Sounds unlikely? No, it really is possible.

You just need to apply the right techniques and approaches. Want to find out what they are? Get in touch and we'll run through it really quick. I also host regular public speaking workshops.

Click here to join my Mindset, Communication and Public Speaking Membership Area for FREE and gain access to loads of resources.

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