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Successful vs Unsuccessful Communicator

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Are you a successful or an unsuccessful communicator? Let's find out some of their traits together.

Successful and Unsuccessful Communicators' Traits

  • Successful: Prepares before an interaction and is outcome oriented.

  • Unsuccessful: Just turns up to find out what happens.

  • Successful: Mindful of surroundings and people.

  • Unsuccessful: Completely oblivious.

  • Successful: Skilled and cares about building and maintaining rapport.

  • Unsuccessful: Doesn't know what rapport really is.

  • Successful: In control of the communication and results.

  • Unsuccessful: Blames others for circumstances and results.

  • Successful: Listens with all senses and asks timely questions.

  • Unsuccessful: Talks at you during the whole interaction.

  • Successful: Above all, has respect for the other person's view of the world.

  • Unsuccessful: Considers his/her own perspective as truth and therefore the other person is wrong.

  • Successful: Skillful use of language that appeals to all the senses.

  • Unsuccessful: You mean as in English, Spanish, German?

  • Successful: Ignites the hearts and minds of their listeners.

  • Unsuccessful: Bores people to death.

  • Successful: Uses the power of Feedback to motivate and positively influence others.

  • Unsuccessful: Uses Feedback in a way that tears people down.

  • Successful: Seeks and thrives on human connection.

  • Unsuccessful: Mainly focuses on what can be gained.

The above is not intended to be an extensive list but a summary of the traits I've observed in people during my business and professional career.

Remember: There aren't resistant people, only inflexible communicators.

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