Jose Luis Ucar

A brief about myself 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1981. You can work out how old I am now. I was brought up by a family that gave me all they could, specially lots of love and unconditional support. Thanks to them I'm here today proud of who I am. 


Now that I look back, I can remember that I was always onto something, as I was never happy with were I was and wanted something else. I guess since a very early age it was part of my DNA to defy the status quo and come up with new and exciting things.


At the age of 6, I had my first business selling pencils and rubbers at school. I was tired of the boring yellow pencils they were selling and decided to buy cheaper and much cooler versions that the kids loved. I was very successful until the school banned me only 3 months later. It was an amazing experience. Thanks Dad for all the support and Grandad for the inspiration. 

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Fast forwarding this a bit, I went through what I considered a very tough adolescence (it actually wasn't but that's how I felt at that point). I can be a Drama Queen sometimes.


My second business attempt came when I was 14. Me and a my friend David thought it would be a great idea to sell sea food cocktails, living by the sea it made perfect sense and it worked out wonderfully for about a week. That was my first encounter with fierce competition, fisherman with machetes dictated the end of that entrepreneurship.        

The next big adventure came when I was 16 and had the opportunity to go to Sweden as an Exchange Student. It was the first time I was leaving my country, full of excitement and uncertainly, ready to make the most out of a year abroad.  That year, 1998-1999 introduced me to a whole new world far from home to which I kind of became addicted, because everyday there was something new to see, to learn, to overcome, new people to meet, and that's when I decided that I wanted to be international and travel the world.

I came back to Venezuela, a country going through massive political and social changes at the time, which reinforced my desire to leave and travel, but first, I wanted a career, so I went for a Bachelor Degree in International Business, which combined my 2 passions, travelling and business, yes, I was excited and determined to make it happen. Graduation time came literally flying as we say in Spanish and as you may see on the picture, we were excited, hehehe. It was also time for my next big jump, Europe.

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I left to Spain in 2006, I was 25 years old and remember being full of expectations and hungry for success. During my first year, I did a Diploma in International Business and a few months later I found myself on a plane heading to Turkey, representing a group of Spanish Companies from the metal-working industry. As part of the Diploma, I needed to complete some working experience and the Association of Accessories, Components and Cutting Tools for Machine Tools (AMT), gave me this wonderful opportunity, which I couldn't refuse. Short after that, I was on my way to Argentina and Brasil, my plan was working out beautifully.     

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Next came the UK in 2007, where I was hired to do a bit of everything in a Cutting Tools business, small at the time but with great growth potential.It was an amazing experience that lasted about 2 years before I went back to Spain to work as a full time employee at AMT, yes, back again. These journeys took me to places like the US, Mexico, Europe and even India. I was enjoying it so much. 

Two years later it was time to come back to the UK to rejoin the previous company I had worked for, SGS. The business had doubled its turnover and there were plenty of opportunities for a guy like me. To tell you more about SGS I would need a few pages so I rather wait to meet you and hopefully tell you in person. The once thing I can say is that I wish everybody could have the privilege to work in a company like that, where your work colleagues become family for life. I always carry these great memories in my heart. Thank you Alan Pearce for allowing me to enjoy such a wonderful time. 

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Then the self-development journey began and it carries on. I started attending seminars and trainings about different topics on how to improve your life, your business, how to be better, how to live congruently with your values and identity. I did NLP, Coaching, Public Speaking and started developing an immense passion for all these topics, specially because I could see myself helping people and businesses by combining my unique personality, business experience and the latest knowledge I was acquiring. 

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And this pretty much brings me to where I am today. I'm a Business Coach continuously working to improve and become a better person to be able to help and support more businesses and people around the UK and worldwide. Yes, I'm always trying to fulfil my dreams and hopefully can help you fulfil yours. 

PS. If you've managed to read this far, please drop me a line and I will make sure you receive a special discount on any of my offerings as a sign of appreciation and respect. Thank you and wish you all the very best. 

Jose Luis Ucar

Business Coach and NLP Trainer 

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