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An Iceberg, Communication and the 80/20 Principle

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An Iceberg, Communication and the 80/20 Principle

I love the 80/20 Pareto principle and have decided to apply it to communication in the age of digital to see what it looks like. This is based on my personal view of the world and will always welcome comments and feedback 😉

In my opinion, we communicate at a very superficial level most of the time, hence my comment, “hello, how are you? and let me continue with my day” without allowing the opportunity for a deeper connection. At this point, we are only using 20% of the whole communication process potential or even less. The 80% remains untapped.

The 80/20 also applies here in terms of what we see, hear and feel when we communicate. Most likely what we perceive is around the 20% of the process when we notice a person that gets along with others, or a manager that can motivate employees and get them to work together, influential and inspirational leaders that deliver a speech that changes our view of the world.

There is an apparent 20% but the real beauty lies beneath the surface. Successful, inspiring and influential communicators are operating at a deeper level, accessing the 80% that truly makes a difference in any human interaction.

When I spot excellence in others, it triggers my belief that if they can do it, so can I and this is how learning continues to take place in my life, enriching my experience and making each day worth living.

You can achieve anything you like.

Remember that 80% of your success depends on your Communication Skills (mainly what is not apparent but perceived unconsciously). Again, another application of the 80/20 principle.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I invite you to share and comment.

All the best,

Jose Ucar

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