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Grow your students' community on Udemy

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I've launched 3 different courses on Udemy back in October (about a month ago), all related to what I love training and coaching on: Mindset, Communication and Public Speaking, with my own business and marketing spin.

I've decided to create this blog because as I type I have over 17 thousand students in my community and people are starting to get curious and ask me what it is that I've done to grow to this point in less than 30 days.

First of all, let me tell you that I do not believe in overnight success and that there is no secret formula here other than consistency, dedication, hard work, resilience, clarity on what I want to achieve and selflessness.

I could say that timing has been on my side because, during the COVID-19 pandemic and the several lockdowns, people are consuming more online courses than ever before.

key points to grow your community on udemy

Right, my strategy. These are the key elements I suggest you take into consideration.

Knowledge and experiencE

I'm not new to the topics I'm teaching on my courses. I have various certifications around Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Public Speaking, Marketing and Business. And of course, years of experience. I guess the point I'm trying to make is to make sure you teach content you are comfortable and have experience with.

How current are the topics you want to teach?

Growth Mindset, Communication and Public Speaking are currently on high demand. Before you start creating your course, I invite you to check out Udemy's 2020 online learning report showing the latest industry trends.

Structure and quality of your videos

Look for a partner to support you with your video creation. In my personal case, I run a marketing business with my brother and he is the videographer. It can be challenging to work with family but hey, I'm a communication expert after all. For more information on videos, check out this blog: Are your Videos Communicating your Message?

I also invite you to get in touch with my brother, his name is German and his email is:

Good and comprehensive downloadable resources

Make sure you deliver a lot of value in both your videos and downloadable resources. I've personally created training manuals for each course with plenty of theory, examples and exercises. In everything you do, always aim to exceed your students' expectations. Udemy also gives you the option to create quizzes, practice tests and assignments. I personally prefer to provide exercises in my videos and complement them with the resources I've already mentioned.

Be curious about what other successful trainers are doing and model them (the essence of NLP).

YouTube and other social media channels

Promote the heck out of your training courses. After all, you've worked hard to get them ready for your target audience. Upload your promotional videos to YouTube, Instagram (IGTV) and your Facebook Business Page. It is important to mention Udemy on the title, i.e., "Speak to Win and Influence Online Course - Join Jose's Public Speaking Online Course on Udemy".

I also recommend using Twitter and to always tag Udemy and other accounts that can help you promote the content. Take a look at my social networks for more examples.

Look for speaking opportunitieS

I promote my courses after every presentation I deliver. Nowadays, you have hundreds of events taking place online. Browse Eventbrite and Meetup to find events that are relevant to you and ask for a speaking slot where you can share your insight and expertise.

Be ready to sacrifice earnings for outreach

Yes, you heard me right. If people don't know you, how can they like you, let alone trust you? Basically, people won't buy your courses if they see a low number of students and poor reviews. Would you if you were in their shoes?

This is something Udemy knows and that's why they let you issue 3 different coupons per course per calendar month. It's your call whether you decide to give them away for FREE or heavily discounted rates to build your community.

In my case, Udemy has provided a platform from which I can reach students anywhere in the world. I now have students in countries like India, Africa, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Jordan and many more. This is something I wouldn't have dreamt of a month ago. If you are doing this just for the money, I suggest you think twice because it may take more time and effort than you expect.

This is what I meant about being selfless at the beginning. If we teach, coach and train others, in my mind it should be about the positive impact we have on people's lives and not too much about the money, trusting that as you grow your community and gain recognition, the money will follow. After all, what goes around, comes around.

Keep on creating content:

I still believe in the power of blogging, especially when you write about the topics that you teach in your courses. Make sure you provide enough information to entice the reader to look for more, ideally by joining your online training. Remember to place a direct link to your Udemy profile at the bottom of your blog. Do the same with your email signature.

Work, Work, Work:

I’m sure you will make it. Remember that there is no failure, there is only learning. You are not alone, look for help, reach out to people that are achieving what you want, be positive, consistent and resilient and you will see results. Nothing can stop a determined mind.

Here is the link to my Udemy profile - Jose Ucar Udemy Instructor

If you require additional support regarding your course, videos, marketing or anything at all, drop me a line here:

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